InfinitiKloud Wireless Flash Drive

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InfinitiKloud Wireless

InfinitiKloud Wireless is a state-of-the-art wireless flash drive that allows you to backup your important files with just one click. With a maximum capacity of 1 TB and transfer speeds of 100 MB/s, this is the best wireless flash drive for anyone who wants to keep their data secure.

InfinitiKloud Wireless Features

  • Massive 1 TB maximum capacity (via IK M;M card slot)
  • Lightning-fast 100 MB/s transfer speed
  • 33 ft / 10m wireless working range and USB-C connectivity
  • 600 mAh rechargeable battery capacity
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices
  • Compact wireless flash drive - only 65 x 50 x 15 mm

What is InfinitiKloud Wireless?

InfinitiKloud Wireless, the latest in the InfinitiKloud range of products, is a wireless flash drive that makes backing up your devices incredibly easy and secure. This high-capacity storage device is the best wireless flash drive for storing photos, videos, documents and keeping them secure from thieves and hackers.

Customer Reviews

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InfinitiKloud Wireless Flash Drive
Wireless and fast

When you’re always on the go, you need a USB flash drive for wireless connection. That’s precisely what InfinitiKloud Wireless gives you. This wireless flash drive will work with your phone, laptop, and tablet with a range of 10 meters. In addition, you can backup and restore data at a lightning-fast 100 MB/s transfer speed.

InfinitiKloud Wireless Flash Drive
Private and safe

Hackers and identity thieves are always on the prowl for secure data, and your wireless flash drive is a prime target. With InfinitiKloud Wireless, you can keep a copy of everything offline, far from their reach. That way, you are the only one with any access to your most precious photos, videos, and documents.

InfinitiKloud Wireless Flash Drive
Easy to use

Even with all of its cutting-edge features, InfinitiKloud Wireless is designed to be user-friendly. This wireless flash drive comes with a free app that makes sorting and organizing your files a breeze! You can also use it to manage backups from your smart devices like your phone, tablet, computer, and more.

InfinitiKloud Wireless Flash Drive
Secure Backup

Want more peace of mind? The data you keep on the InfinitiKloud Wireless is encrypted so that only you can access it at any time. This feature ensures that your wireless flash drive remains the most secure place you can keep all of your files.

InfinitiKloud Wireless: The Superior Wireless Flash Drive

InfinitiKloud Wireless Flash Drive that transfers at speeds of 100/MB/s so you can backup your important files with just one click.

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