Nerlos Locator Item Finder and Key Locator

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Live an active lifestyle? Always on the go? Nerlos is a game-changing Bluetooth-enabled key locator that keeps track of your belongings, keeping you on the move and worry-free all day, every day. Remove the guesswork out of finding lost or stolen items with Nerlos

It’s a key locator, phone tracker, and an all-around item finder rolled into one tiny-size device. With the Nerlos App, easily find lost belongings within 25 m / 82 ft in just seconds. A convenient solution to those stressful morning rushes trying to find your wallet or keys. Helping you stay organized so you can focus on the day ahead.

  • Connect to as many devices as you like! Perfect for families or large households.
  • Name your items for easy finding
  • Attaches to virtually any item. Keep tabs on every one of your valuables
  • Instant alerts if you leave items behind
  • Over 25 mt / 82 ft range makes finding items in small or large spaces a breeze
  • Replaceable key locator battery lasts up to 6 months
Nerlos Locator Item Finder and Key Locator - GetGadgetCrate

Find Your Valuables In Seconds

Nerlos works alongside the Bluetooth smart key locator app to keep tabs on all your items - lost or found! When you can’t find an item, the app pinpoints its location, saving you time and easing stress. Attach Nerlos item finder to your keys, wallet, or phone if you’re regularly misplacing them and find them quickly and easily every time. Keep track of your belongings wirelessly with Nerlos.

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Alerts You If You’re Leaving Items Behind

Receive instant alerts as soon as you misplace or leave behind your items. Those stressful mornings searching for your keys or wallet are over with Nerlos item finder. When you lose an item, the Nerlos key locator plays a loud alarm noise, so you can find it fast without any guesswork. You can even use it in reverse as a spot locator for your phone, even when it’s on silent! A loud audible item finder for quick spot location.

Get Your Nerlos Locator Today!
Nerlos Locator Item Finder and Key Locator - GetGadgetCrate
Nerlos Locator Item Finder and Key Locator - GetGadgetCrate

Easy to Use Item Finder

Can’t find your valuables? Nerlos item finder is ready to be used straight out of the box. After downloading the item finder app and attaching Nerlos key locator to your items, just tap and track them down instantly. It will guide you to your lost or misplaced items step by step. Nerlos key locator also lets you connect to an unlimited amount of devices, name your items, and set customized ringtones for easier finding.

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The App To Locate Everything

Nerlos item finder attaches to virtually any item! Attach it to your keys, wallet, phone, pet, and tech devices, and keep track of your things at all times. Nearby or far away, Nerlos reunites you with your belongings without the stressful rummaging. Advanced item finder technology penetrates through doors, furniture, walls, helping you locate your items from up to 25m/82ft away in any indoor or outdoor space.

Get Your Nerlos Locator Today!
Nerlos Locator Item Finder and Key Locator - GetGadgetCrate

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