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Never pay a cable bill again! With the Novawave Antenna you get to watch broadcast HDTV channels completely free! Works with any modern television set, all you need to do is plug in the TV antenna and follow the simple set-up instructions to get high definition content, the highest quality video and audio programming, and unlimited access to your favorite TV shows. 

This HDTV-compatible antenna offers a 5 to 7dB passive gain, meaning you'll get boosted signal strength and clarity for all your favorite channels. Additionally, the Novawave Antenna has a larger mast reception area for even better performance. And thanks to the included double-sided tapes, it's easy to set up and start using right away. Don't miss a moment of your favorite shows with the Novawave Antenna.

Novawave Antenna features:

  • Amazing range of 30 miles in all directions for free access to HDTV shows, sporting events, and news programs
  • Receives broadcast channels in original formats including the highest quality HD signals of 720p or even 1080p resolution
  • Novawave is a portable TV antenna so you can take it to any hotel room, even on a road trip for RV camping
  • Made of quality, durable materials, Novawave is designed to last 
  • Easy to use and simple to set up, just plug in and watch
Novawave Antenna TV - GadgetCrate - Top Channels

90 of 100 top channels are broadcast free

Most people don’t realize that more than 90 of the top 100 television channels are broadcast free over the air! Cable companies never wanted you to find out about Novawave because now you can cut the cord and watch broadcast HDTV for free. The Novawave TV antenna covers an amazing range of 30 miles in all directions. Get free access to all your favorite HDTV shows, sporting events, and news programs and never pay a cable bill again.

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Powerful - Clearest reception

Never compromise on quality. With the Novawave TV antenna you can view your favorite content in full HD! Sharp picture, clear sound, amazing viewing experiences. Novawave is able to receive broadcast channels in whatever resolution they were broadcast, including HD signals of 720p or even stunning 1080p resolution.

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Novawave Antenna TV - GadgetCrate - Cleares Reception
Novawave Antenna TV - GadgetCrate - Easy Setup

Easy to use and set up

Your Novawave TV antenna is so simple to set up you can start watching HDTV for free, right away. Just take it out of the box and plug the indoor antenna in the back of your television, follow the basic set-up instructions and your TV will scan for channels! More than 90 of the top 100 television channels are broadcast free for viewers like you. Best of all, Novawave is completely portable—easy to use wherever you go!

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Compatible - Works with any TV

Connect Novawave to your TV and get instant access to your favorite broadcast TV channels. There’s no complicated setup needed to install and operate the Novawave TV antenna. You don’t have to buy a special TV: Novawave is compatible with every modern television set. If you have a TV, you’re ready to start watching high def cable for free!

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Novawave Antenna TV - GadgetCrate - Compatible

Novawave Antenna FAQS

Novawave Atenna gets the best reception when placed against a window, but it will work almost anywhere. We suggest experimenting with different locations to see what gives you the most channels.

Novawave Antenna was designed for indoor use only. Placing it outside will not improve reception.

No, all you need is a TV! The Novawave Antenna connects directly to your home's broadcast signals and wirelessly feeds them to anywhere in the room.

For those without access or who want more flexibility than just watching what they're able via traditional means like cable box channels--this revolutionary new device will bring entertainment right into your TV. And it does it so simply, only by receiving free over-the air television programming from local stations near you.

You will be able to access a channel depending on your location and other environmental factors.If you are within range of a broadcasting tower, then chances are good that your signal will be strong. The channels available will depend on your distance from the nearest broadcasting tower and other environmental factors.

One major benefit is that you can get all your favorite channels without paying for them. One way this works, each television in your house needs its own Novawave Antenna so they will be able access free broadcasts from outside sources like broadcasting companies or local stations who offer their signal as part of a package deal but don't air any advertising on these programs which means there's no risk involved with trying out new programming!

Yes! Any time you change your broadcasting frequency with this type of equipment there will be a channel scan needed in order get all new signals correct.

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