Novawave Antenna Amplifier

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Now you can get even more HD TV broadcast channels for free! Boost the power of your Novawave TV antenna with the Novawave antenna amplifier so you can gain an amazing 20-22 dB to watch more of your favorite channels.

Did you know more than 90 of the top 100 TV channels are broadcast for free to viewers who have a Novawave TV antenna? With the Novawave amplifier you get to extend the range of your TV antenna and enjoy high quality audio and video without paying cable bills. 

  • The Novawave antenna amplifier works with the Novawave TV antenna to boost power and increase coverage
  • A 5V 0.5A USB-A power source is all that’s needed to plug in and gain access to even more of your favorite shows, sports, and news programs
  • Active gain: 20-22dB
  • Easy to set up, just plug in and connect to the Novawave TV antenna to view more HDTV broadcast channels for free

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