RangeXTD Wifi Extender

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The RangeXTD wifi extender works to eliminate dead zones and enhance your wifi signal. Seamless web browsing isn't just a pipe dream with this compact yet powerful wifi booster. Nobody enjoys dead zones and seemingly endless buffering. For a stress-free solution to your WiFi woes, choose RangeXTD.


  • Wifi booster maintains 5 bar coverage everywhere in your home
  • Easy plug and play installation and use
  • 2.4G data transfer up to a whopping 300Mbps
  • Stylish and functional design for optimum wifi signal extension
  • Perfectly portable wifi booster for laptop, holidays, and business trips
  • Completely secure thanks to WPS connectivity

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    RangeXTD Wifi Repeater

    The super-quick, super-powerful RangeXTD wifi range extender transfers 2.4 GHz data up to 300mbps. Its long range works flawlessly to eliminate dead spots in your home and improve performance. Due to dual built-in antennas and LAN ports, high wifi speeds don't need to come with expensive, unreliable ISP upgrades and extra monthly charges.

    RangeXTD Wifi Repeater

    Whether you're at home, vacationing, or jet-setting across the globe for work, you need a secure connection. That's precisely what you get with this long range wifi extender! The completely secure WPS connectivity push-button for all WPS-enabled modems allows you to keep your emails and Google searches away from wandering eyes. 

    RangeXTD Wifi Repeater
    Effortless Use

    The RangeXTD wifi range extender comes complete with plug-and-play functionality. No tech know-how needed. Just plug it in and enjoy new and improved WiFi in moments.

    RangeXTD Wifi Repeater

    Make buffering a thing of the past with the RangeXTD wifi booster. No more patchy wifi. Just a steady, stable, secure connection everywhere in your house. Not even floors or walls will stop this unrelenting 300mbps connection.

    Range XTD Wifi Extender: The Ultimate Wifi Booster

    The Range XTD Wifi Extender is the compact powerful wifi booster that eliminates endless buffering and maintains 5 bar coverage for seamless browsing.

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