ShelfyStand 360 Rotating Selfie Stand

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Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 is an intelligent rotating selfie stand that automatically tracks and takes photos for a superior selfie experience. Gone are the days of rushing for a timer taking your picture only to be out of the frame. The Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 comes with an intuitive app, so it's easy to use. 

Snapshot ShelfyStand Features

  • Auto-turning phone stand for body and motion tracking
  • Built-in tripod for cameras to take pictures on the go
  • Adjustable tilting for the perfect angle
  • Facial and object tracking with the 360 selfie stick
  • Intuitive app for easy use with filters and fun effects

What is Snapshot Shelfystand 360?

The Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 offers a fully automated experience. Simply attach your phone to the phone stand, open the app, and sit back and smile while it does the rest. Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 will autofocus and track your face, use AI composition and even comes with beauty filters to get the best pictures for your social media.

Customer Reviews

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Intelligent facial tracking

Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 uses artificial intelligence to keep the camera focused on your face no matter how much you're moving around. The rotating selfie stand allows the camera to stay on you for the best selfies and amazing live videos.

Adjustable tilting angle

You can manually tilt the phone mount up to 37 degrees, so you always have the best angle. Then turn on the Snapshot 360 selfie stick, and the stand will rotate to follow your movements. The selfie 360 feature means you can show off your dancing or sports talents without having your actions cut out of the frame.

Intuitive app

The Snapshot ShelfyStand 360's easy-to-use app allows you to use beauty filters and other special effects and is free to use on Apple and Android devices.

Take best photos

The 360 selfie stand makes sure that you are always in the frame when taking the picture and how much you're moving around the room to get that perfect shot. The 360 selfie stick mount can rotate for either portrait or landscape photos, so you can get the best picture no matter what you need the image for.

Snapshot ShelfyStand 360: Selfies made Smart

Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 selfie stick with auto-tracking and adjustable tilt lets you take the best photos and comes with an intuitive app.

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