SpeedPro Fast Charger

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This powerful charger is so much better than anything that comes with your phone! The SpeedPro fast charger powers up devices twice as fast as ordinary chargers included with smartphones.

The 12 watt SpeedPro powers up to three devices at one time and charges rapidly with both USB-A and USB-C inputs. Super easy to use, just plug it in and charge your phone with no special software or cables needed. You don’t have the time to waste. SpeedPro gets your charge done fast.

  • Charges up to three devices at one time
  • Charges twice as fast as 5 watt chargers that come with phones
  • Plug in the SpeedPro 12 watt fast charger and use it right away with no special software or cables required
  • Multi-functional and compatible with USB-A and USB-C devices
  • Fast and easy to use so you don’t have to wait around for your phone to power up
SpeedPro Fast Charger - GadgetCrate | Fast Charging

Fast charging

Your time is way too important for sitting around waiting for a phone to charge. You need the SpeedPro 12 watt ultra-fast charger to power up your devices in less than half the time! Charge up to two devices at once for even greater efficiency. Perfect for busy people who don’t have time to waste.

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Safe for your devices

Never worry about the wattage! Just because the SpeedPro fast charger is more powerful and charges your phone rapidly, the added power and time saved won’t harm your device in any way. Phones are actually made to withstand wattages higher than the rating of any fast charger. We understand how essential your phone is, and you can count on SpeedPro to power it up safely.

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SpeedPro Fast Charger - GadgetCrate | Safe for your Devices
SpeedPro Fast Charger - GadgetCrate | USB A and USB CCompatible - works with any phone

USB A and USB C Compatible - works with any phone

The SpeedPro fast charger uses the standard USB charging cables that came with your phone, meaning it works with almost every type of device. Compatible with both USB A and USB C inputs. The SpeedPro features a higher output rating than inferior chargers but still operates in the same way. The SpeedPro plugs into any wall socket and begins to charge your device immediately, you can even power up two phones at once!

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No Special Software or additional cables required

The SpeedPro fast charger is a super time-saving high-tech design that requires no special software you have to learn and no additional parts or cables to connect. Simply attach the fast charger to your device’s USB A or USB C port and plug it into any wall socket! It’s really that easy to start rapid-charging. Why would you wait?

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SpeedPro Fast Charger - GadgetCrate | No Special Software or additional cables required

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