TriFiBoost WiFi Booster

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TriFiBoost Wifi Booster is the ultimate 5GHz mega boost to pump up your wifi network and eliminate dead spots in your home! This amazing device extends internet coverage to even the hardest-to-reach rooms in a 5,000 square foot house.

You deserve five bars wherever you live and work, even in the stubborn trouble spots. Lightning-fast data transfer at speeds of up to 433 Mbps. Best of all, the TriFiBoost Wifi Booster is simple to install and use, just plug in and get connected.

TrifiBoost Wifi Booster features:

  • Supercharges your wifi network
  • Lightning fast data transfers at speeds of up to 433 Mbps with 5G
  • Perfect for computers, mobile devices, and online gaming consoles 
  • Makes streaming video fun without load time waits and endless buffering
  • Specially designed device housing ventilation prevents overheating
  • Surf the web with a rock solid connection in every part of your home
TriFiBoost WiFi Booster - GadgetCrate | Powerful 5Ghz

Powerful 5Ghz

The TriFiBoost Wifi Booster is incredibly strong with a powerful triple antenna design and the amazing capacity to boost your wifi signal and coverage over an entire large home for five bar dependable wifi service. Set up your favorite chair in your favorite nook. Finally you can eliminate endless buffering, annoying load times and dead spots forever.

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 Fast Speed up to 433 Mbps

High-tech dual band connection rockets data transfers of up to 300 mbps at 2.4G bandwidth and an incredible 433mbps at 5G bandwidth, making the TriFiBoost Wifi Booster lightning fast. Never waste time waiting for an internet connection and never drop an important video conference call again. Just plug in the high speed wifi booster and stream movies, save files, connect with people and play games instantly.

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TriFiBoost WiFi Booster - GadgetCrate |  Fast Speed up to 433 Mbps
TriFiBoost WiFi Booster - GadgetCrate | Easy to Use

Easy to Use

TriFiBoost strengthens and extends the performance and range of your WiFi network, and all you have to do is plug it in! No complicated set up or tricky software programs to learn. Just place it in the location of your choice and turn on the wifi booster. Say goodbye to weak WiFi range and trouble spots that suffer from poor WiFi coverage. It really is that simple.

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Small and stylish

Feel confident placing the TriFiBoost WiFi Booster in any room of your home. Its design is sleek, discreet and stylish, so it fits pretty much anywhere and looks great. The wifi booster comes with three antennas that are removable for your convenience. Get a strong signal everywhere in your home from a device that truly looks as good as it works.

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TriFiBoost WiFi Booster - GadgetCrate | Small and stylish

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