These Indoor TV Antennas For Free TV Will Make You Rethink Your Cable Contracts

How many channels in your cable package do you actually watch? You might be bragging about your expensive cable package, but did you know you can access thousands of broadcast stations for almost zero cost?

Let you and your family watch all your favorite TV shows and movies without paying expensive cable bills or committing to a package deal that you won't even use.

These top five TV indoor antennas can save you money by cutting your bills, and still giving you what you want. If you’re tired of flipping through thousands of channels with no end in sight, the best indoor TV antenna may be exactly what you need.

Best Indoor Antenna

1st – Novawave - Our Top Rated! But Is It The Best Option For You?
Test Results

After testing out the most popular indoor antennas and researching the best indoor antenna on a budget, we decided the best antenna for free TV is the Novawave Antenna. Thousands of users love the Novawave for its many advanced features, affordability, and easy setup.

Unlike other TV antennas we tested, the Novawave is the best indoor antenna because it has an extensive range and reaches as far as 30 miles away. Other TV antennas claim to do the same, but it quickly results in static images and poor connection.

This is why Novawave is our top pick and no question, the best indoor antenna.

If you’re thinking of cutting the cord, saving big, and canceling subscriptions you never use, Novawave is the future and best indoor antenna on the market. There’s programming for everyone in the family, so you won’t have to fight for the control of the remote on family movie nights.

The best indoor antenna at an affordable price and free channels? What’s not to love?

Novawave Digital Antenna for TV

  • High definition video and audio quality
  • Best indoor antenna with extensive – range up to 30 miles
  • Broadcast TV signals access – wide selection of broadcast stations
  • No cable subscription required
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Amplified antenna can be used on any TV
  • Saves you money on monthly fees
  • Flat antenna with easy set up
  • Novawave is the best tv antenna that comes with free app
  • Can be used in different countries with adaptor
  • Best indoor antenna with sleek and discreet design
  • Best TV antenna with fast shipping
  • No hassle returns
  • Only available online
  • No additional accessories included

2 – Clear TV Antenna
Test Results

Clear TV Antenna reviews are in and they’re looking good! Coming up as a close contender is the Clear TV antenna. Just like the Novawave, it has a slim, sleek design and is easy to hide if you have guests over.

The device is friendly and fairly simple to set up, but may take a few tries to get the best range for the Clear TV Antenna.

If you have someone in the family that has experience setting up devices with signal technology, they might know a few tricks to position the Clear TV Antenna just right. Another great device and the best indoor antenna for digital TV reception if you take your time to make a few adjustments.

  • Simple set up
  • Easy operation
  • Flat antenna with sleek design
  • Takes a few tries to get a good signal strength
  • Finding range is hard
  • Clear TV Antenna reviews claim they could not access tv channels
  • Local broadcast channels may be poor quality
  • Poor quality for value
  • Easily damaged
  • Poor signals
  • Constantly requires rescanning
  • Needs constant readjusting
  • May need to be relocated several times

3 – Antennas Direct
Test Results

Although Antennas Direct claims to have a range of 60 miles, which is twice the range of the top-rated best digital TV antenna, it only comes in at number three.

Antennas Direct has a wide range, but the signal strength is not always strong enough to reach your device. With a lot of obstructions in the way, it might only give you 30 miles, or maybe even less.

There are ways to set up the Antenna Direct in your home, but it will probably require you to move a few things around. Antennas Direct is also quite large compared to other indoor TV antennas.

It's not the best indoor antenna for users that have minimal to no experience with signal technology. It also comes with a very long cable that can be distracting and clutter the area the TV is in.

  • Multi-directional
  • Limited outdoor antenna use
  • Claims to reach 60 miles, but signal strength is weak
  • May not reach signal broadcast tower in the area
  • Big, clunky design
  • Hard to install unlike flat antennas
  • Difficult to connect
  • Not user-friendly
  • Expensive
  • Poor quality
  • Not worth the value
  • Not meant for beginners
  • Not ideal for travel
  • Heavy base
  • Not functional
  • Not suitable for apartments
  • Requires rescanning
  • Requires mounting with setup
  • Poor reception

4 – Channel Master
Test Results

If you have experience with mounting antennas on your roof, the Channel Master might be a better option for you.

Some people like the Channel Master because of the rooftop reception and signaling, but it can be a dangerous task. The Channel Master has a 50-mile range, which is wider than our best indoor antenna, but seems short, considering it mounts on the roof.

The main problem with the Channel Master is the installation. Not many people are willing to climb on their roofs to mount the device, even if they believe it is the best indoor antenna.

Aside from being dangerous, it also means you will have to climb up on your roof every time it needs adjusting. Pretty inconvenient, especially on rainy days when all you want to do is stay in and binge-watch your favorite series.

  • 360-degree reception span
  • 50-mile range
  • Hard to install
  • Dangerous to mount on rooftop
  • Inconvenient to fix
  • Does not reach as far as it claims
  • Poor signal quality
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Expensive for the value
  • Mounting locations limited
  • Does not access many tv channels
  • Short life span
  • Poor quality
  • Might only work in certain areas
  • Not suitable for rural areas

5 – 1byone Antenna
Test Results

1byone Antenna rounds up our top five best indoor antenna list. The 1byone Antenna can be mounted on or around your TV, but might require some trial and error.

The sleek, slim design is great for smaller spaces, but might not get you the access you need.

Before installing the 1byone Antenna, it's a good idea to scope out the locations of a local broadcast tower. Customers who use the 1byone Antenna claim it is not very user-friendly and requires a few tries and rescanning to get it to function.

  • Small, sleek design
  • Poor reception
  • Poor signal access
  • Fewer local channels
  • Does not work in all homes
  • Not suitable for larger homes
  • Poor quality and manufacturing
  • Needs to be rescanned often
  • Not user-friendly
  • Not suitable for inexperienced users and beginners

What makes the Novawave the strongest and best indoor antenna?

Novawave Antenna TV

Choosing the best indoor antenna can depend on a few things. If the antenna is not strong enough, then all the features are pretty much useless.

If you want the best indoor antenna for your home, you should consider the size of your home and where the local broadcasting towers are located in your area.

Novawave has all the features and benefits for your tv needs:

  • amazing 30-mile range
  • multidirectional
  • access to HDTV shows, sporting events, and news programs
  • broadcasts in original format
  • highest quality HD signals of 720p and 1080p resolution
  • portable and compact
  • quality materials
  • designed to last
  • easy set up
  • simple to use
  • user-friendly

Getting the best access

Indoor TV antennas work by accessing and connecting to the towers in your area. If you are not quite sure where they are, you might have to do a bit of research.

Look for your local broadcast towers

Using waves and signals, TV antennas scan for local channels and tv stations which are available to you.

Broadcast tower

Picture from Jan Huber in Unsplash

The Novawave TV Antenna is the best indoor antenna for this purpose because it has multi-directional range and has the strongest connection, giving you the best quality audio and images.

This high-powered antenna gives clear HD reception with 1080P and even has a smartphone app to show you where to face the Novawave.

Mounting your indoor antenna

The best indoor antennas can locate your favorite local networks if set up properly and mounted in the best area with no obstruction to the tv signal.

Novawave Antenn

  • face the antenna in the direction of the broadcast tower
  • ensure nothing is in its way
  • rescan when moving location

Novawave is worth the buy

We also think it is the best indoor antenna at the most affordable price. They are always selling at the best deals and the more you buy, the more you save. Perfect for homes with multiple TVs.

Indoor TV antennas to avoid if you're cutting the cord

So, you're ready to buy an indoor antenna? Just be careful of these tricks companies use to hook you in:

Calling TV antennas "HDTV"

If you come across indoor antennas that claim to be an "indoor HDTV antenna", there is actually no such thing. Claiming that tv antennas are, in fact, indoor HDTV antenna quality is only for marketing purposes.

Claiming the best indoor tv antennas are "digital"

Same as with "HDTV", if a company claims they have the best indoor tv antennas with digital capabilities, this is another marketing tactic.

An indoor antenna with a built-in rotator

Aside from these antennas being big, clunky, and clashing with every interior design possible, they easily break apart. The elements often fall off, leaving you with no cable and still paying for monthly subscriptions.

The overall performance is quite poor, often accessing fewer channels than expected.

Are indoor TV antennas legal?

Those who are on the fence about purchasing an indoor TV antenna, can rest easy knowing that it is completely legal. An indoor TV antenna only accesses the channels that are already available to the public using the tv signal from the broadcast towers.

Family watching TV

Picture from master1305 in Freepik

Digital trends and indoor antennas

If you are familiar with older models of TVs, you might remember indoor TV antennas having rabbit-eared antennas. With the new digital ways of accessing media, antennas have been overlooked and forgotten.

Indoor and Outdoor antenna

Outdoor antenna devices were also popular and can still be seen today. One major issue with an outdoor antenna is the dangerous installation which requires you to climb your roof.

Outdoor TV Antenna

Picture from chris robert in Unsplash

But with outrageous cable bills, online media, and smartphones, people are getting rid of cable, and are on the look out for the best indoor antenna for their needs.

What is the best indoor antenna range?

Some people who are in search of the best indoor antenna think the wider the range, the better. But the truth is, the best indoor antenna range really depends on your connection.

If you're looking to reach outside of your home as well, you might want to think of buying an outdoor tv antenna.

Strong connection range

There are products that claim they have a wide range, but only half of the distance is decent quality.

The best indoor antenna range can also depend on your preferences. If you want local broadcasting to stay up to date with current events, your community, and other networking, you might find that a shorter range with better quality is the best indoor antenna range for your lifestyle.

How many channels can I get with an indoor TV antenna?

The number of channels will depend on the strength of your reception and your surrounding environment. Everything from where your home is located, to where you mount your device.

Some places with higher density and largely populated areas might receive more than rural areas. But all with no monthly subscription

Where is the best indoor antenna setup placement in a home?

If you want the best indoor antenna connection, try placing the antenna near the ceiling or near a window. You never know what other obstructions could be in the way between your device and the broadcast towers.

Ideally, you want to be clear from dense or thick obstructions like walls, buildings, and other objects.

Novawave accesses more channels

Because Novawave is multi-directional, it works better and can easily access more broadcasts. You can test tv antennas by moving them around your home, rescanning, and knowing where local broadcast stations are.

How can I boost my connection for the best indoor antenna signal?

If you know you aren’t getting channels that are well within the range of your antenna, you can install an indoor antenna amplifier.

Do I need an antenna amplifier?

The best indoor antenna amplifiers can boost your connection and improve the quality. You might think you are receiving more channels, but in reality, it's actually just accessing the channels you already have, but are not able to view.

Novawave TV Antenna amplifier

How to choose the best indoor antenna amplifier

When choosing an amplifier for the best indoor antenna connection, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Amplifiers are only meant to boost the signal if your antenna is weak or not working
  • Always scan for channels for the best indoor antenna reception after adding or removing an amplifier or relocating your antenna
  • Ensure your antenna is not blocked by the TV or hidden inside a cabinet or your entertainment system
  • Check to make sure your antenna does not already have a built-in amplifier

Is it possible to overamplify my antenna signal?

If you have good reception, or know you already live near a broadcast tower, you might risk overamplifying your signal.

Think of listening to music. Sometimes when you crank up the volume too loud, the audio becomes distorted. The same is true for an antenna. Overamplifying won’t give you the best indoor antenna connection.

How can I access channels from multiple broadcast towers?

If you live in between two or more broadcast towers and your antenna is facing towards one tower, you will receive those signals, but might not receive signals from the other. This is why Novawave’s multidirectional antenna range gives the best indoor antenna experience.

Before buying an amplifier

Before using an amplifier, make sure you’ve done everything you can to get the best indoor antenna results possible. This includes placing the antenna as high as possible or near a window, facing in the direction of the broadcast tower

Taking all of these necessary steps will improve your experience and ensure you get the best indoor antenna amplifier for your home entertainment needs.

Novawave Antenna TV amplifier inputs

Is there an indoor antenna that actually works?

These top 5 indoor tv antennas are the best for accessing local broadcasts and meeting your family's media needs. If you're skeptical about these products, you can still order one and try it out for yourself.

Is Novawave really worth the hype?

Novawave is the best indoor tv antenna and the new, affordable way to enjoy the local programming you love. Watch your favorite shows, movies, and other channels to keep up with local and current events.

Easiest way to enjoy tv

Unlike media streaming services, you don't have to log in or remember a password every time you want to watch TV. In fact, it's a simplified and easy way to access everything you want, all in the palm of your hand.

Take live TV everywhere you go

If your kids are going off to college, stuck in a dorm room, on a budget, or just looking to add more media to your life, Novawave is the most convenient and affordable option.

Taking Novawave with you is like carrying around your TV in your pocket wherever you go. You can enjoy the benefits of great home entertainment, even when you're traveling.

Novawave is easy to use, even for beginners

When streaming services became popular, you would have to set up your device, enter your email, create a password, and pay monthly for your subscription.

These days, people are paying for every streaming device for the purpose of only one single show. Sounds like a waste of money!

Stop overpaying

With Novawave, not only are you getting local broadcasting for free, but there is almost no setup required. You simply attach the antenna to your desired location and plug it into your TV. Easy as that!

No risk to buy

The cost of a single antenna is nothing compared to the cost of an entire year of cable company subscriptions and bundles. Some companies also have fair return policies, just make sure you carefully read the fine print.

Who needs Novawave for the best indoor antenna experience?

Novawave is one of the best tv antennas in performance, experience, and saves you money. With all the different media and internet bundles, you might not care to review what is in your package.

Everything you need in one device

If you have any streaming service, chances are you might only be watching one channel or one show that comes with the bundle.

This is one of the best tv antennas and a great option for cord cutters, college dorms, the extra TV in your home, and can also be used when you travel, due to its lightweight and compact design.

Novawave Antenna TV

Novawave sells out fast

The only issue you might encounter with the Novawave amplified antenna is actually getting to order one. Because it is one of the best tv antennas only sold online, people usually buy more than one at a time.

But with their flash sales and exclusive deals, it’s probably the most affordable option. After you get your hands on one, you can cancel your contracts and monthly bills.

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