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Karben wallet redefines the traditional wallet with a lightweight, stylish design that offers more than just paper bill protection.

It focuses on rugged durability and digital asset protection with carbon fiber material and RFID blocking capabilities. It’s a carbon fiber wallet designed to safeguard your personal information, keeping your identity and digital financial assets safe and secure.

An almost weightless protector of your digital information and paper bills. Retire your chunky leather wallet with something more than just a wallet. Physical or digital, Karben wallet acts as a guardian for your most prized possessions and information.

  • Made with carbon fiber that is 5X stronger than steel
  • RFID blocking technology protects your cards from wireless theft
  • Lightweight, minimalist design that’s modern and stylish
  • The Karben wallet App lets you choose what information you want to share and when you want to share it
  • Holds up to 12 standard-sized cards and has a cash clip and lanyard loop

Karben Wallet Features:

RFID BLOCKING WALLET KEEPS YOUR CARD INFO SAFE - Keep your cards safe with Karben's carbon fiber wallets for men and women. The low profile design of this trendy wallet protects you from RFID theft, while also keeping things simple!

HIGHLY PROTECTIVE SLIM HARD WALLET -Karben's slim wallet clip provides 90% protection for radio frequencies used in credit cards and more. This minimalist design features an RFID-blocking material that blocks signals like 0 MHz to 940MHz, 1356 MHZ etc., which are harmful towards your personal information when accessed by hackers or criminals alike!

RFID MENS SLIM WALLET HOLDS UP TO 12 STANDARD-SIZE CARDS - The RFID Mens Wallet offers you plenty of room for your everyday needs, with 12 spacious slots and an elastic band money clip to keep folded cash secure.

MINIMALIST WALLET FOR MEN AND WOMEN HOLDS ALL YOUR DAILY ESSENTIALS - It features an ample space, with mounting options available on both sides of this sleek case; giving you plenty room without sacrificing convenience! The carbon fiber money clip can hold cards like coupons or credit cards while still leaving room in his pockets for other things he may need during any given day - all at once

ROBUST, DURABLE MENS CARBON FIBER WALLET - The aluminum and carbon fibers in these sleek wallets make them strong enough to last for years of use. The slim design helps you carry just what’s necessary, so your money is always safe!

STYLISH, COMPACT WALLET FOR MEN AND WOMEN -The perfect combination of style and functionality, our minimal mens wallet will fit smoothly into any occasion. With its sleek profile it can easily tuck away when not in use or pull out for those moments that require a little extra attention like riding the train during rush hour!

LIGHTWEIGHT RFID MENS THIN WALLET - The lightweight, slim carbon fiber wallet is perfect for men and women who want to travel light. It features a compact clip-on design that won't take up any room in your pocket without being bulky or unneeded with excess weight!

CARBON FIBER WALLETS FOR MEN AND WOMEN FOR SOCIAL MEDIA AND BUSINESS - The carbon fiber wallets for men and women are perfect social media accessories. The included tag lets you share your Karben profile or contact info with a single tap, so it's great as an influencer gift!

MINIMALIST RFID WALLET INCLUDES PRE PROGRAMMED NFC STICKER - Instant social sharing is just a click away with our new Karben slim wallets. Peel and stick 30 mm NFC stickers onto the men's or women’s wallet, then clip it into your pocket for easy access!

BEST RFID BLOCKING CREDIT CARD WALLET - Whether you’re traveling or just looking for an alternative to your old leather wallet, our slim front pocket rfid wallet is a must. Highly protective, slim wallet men, minimalist design, and built for durability.

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Karben Wallet Carbon Fiber Wallet - GetGadgetCrate

Protect Your Personal Information and Bank Accounts

With many of us making wireless, cashless payments, now more than ever we need to remain cautious of digital hackers and the scourge of wireless theft. Karben wallet is specifically designed to protect your personal information, keeping your identity and digital financial assets safe and secure. A must-have carbon fiber wallet in this era of cyber theft!

Get Your Karben wallet Today!

Lightweight, Stylish Design

The days of chunky, heavy leather wallets are over. This carbon fiber wallet’s discreet yet modern aesthetic combines a futuristic design with dark color tones for an unmatched popthat’s unlike any other carbon fiber wallet on the market today. Small enough to fit in your front or back pocket, and weightless and stylish all at the same time! A carbon fiber wallet that doesn’t weigh you down.

Get Your Karben wallet Today!
Karben Wallet Carbon Fiber Wallet - GetGadgetCrate
Karben Wallet Carbon Fiber Wallet - GetGadgetCrate

Slim and Easy Access

Karben wallet is more than just a pretty face. The slim, minimalist design of this carbon fiber wallet is there to speed up access to all your important cards, eliminating the annoyance of rummaging around looking for the card you want. No more fumbling in front of a pay station or register wishing for your card to magically appear. The easy way to remove useless bulk in your pockets and bags.

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Impenetrable Military-Grade Carbon Fiber Wallet Construction

Karben wallet is made from almost-indestructible carbon fiber material that’s 5x stronger than steel, offering dependable protection against long drops and falls. This carbon fiber wallet features a sophisticated, masculine build that is equally as lightweight as it is strong, keeping your cash and cards safe and secure. Proofed against cracks and tears for your peace of mind.

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Karben Wallet Carbon Fiber Wallet - GetGadgetCrate

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