ShelfyStand Triangle Cell Phone and Tablet Stand

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The ShelfyStand Triangle is a revolutionary cell phone stand for desk, table, bench...wherever you need it to be! It’s perfect for following recipes in the kitchen, watching your favorite shows, or surfing the web without having to hold your device. With multiple viewing angles and ultimate grip, this portable stand goes everywhere.

ShelfyStand Triangle Features

  • Includes weighted base for stability
  • Magnetic base provides extra security and stability
  • 3 different angles for standing
  • Silicone feet for gripping on surfaces
  • Holds any phone or tablet (including an iPad Pro)
  • Portable
  • Hole in the body for a lanyard to loop through to hang neatly when not in use

What is ShelfyStand Triangle?

The ShelfyStand Triangle is a cell phone stand for desks that gives you hands-free access to your phone or tablet. Whether you're outside or in your home, it is weighted for maximum stability and even has a magnet to secure onto metal surfaces. Enjoy up to 3 different viewing angles in an instant.

Customer Reviews

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Holds any device

It holds any device comfortably and securely so you can go hands-free wherever you are, whenever you need. Whether you have an Android or Mac, the ShelfyStand Triangle is great as a phone stand or a tablet stand. It’s even weighted to hold an iPad Pro firmly in its grip.

View angles

One of the most unique features of the ShelfyStand Triangle as a cell phone stand is that it has 3 angles for standing. You can enjoy viewing angles of 20°, 30°, and 50°, meaning that the SNAPSHOT Shelfystand Delta makes it easy to enjoy and share your content with your friends.

Silicone feet

The ShelfyStand Triangle has silicone feet so that it doesn’t slip and slide on surfaces. This is an important attribute of a phone stand because you don’t want to risk your phone or tablet falling off and breaking. It also has a magnetic base for extra security and stability.

Easy to use

Using the ShelfyStand Triangle is as easy as 1, 2, 3! First, you select the side of the triangle you want to use depending on the angle you want. Second, you turn your device on and place it on the phone stand. Third, start watching your video or do whatever you need on your device. 

ShelfyStand Triangle: The Innovative Cell Phone Stand for Desk

The ShelfyStand Triangle is a hands-free portable phone stand that works wherever you need it with multiple angles and steadfast grip. 

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