RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater

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The RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater is the dead zone destroyer. Wave goodbye to patchy wifi signals and endless buffering with this easy-to-setup USB wifi extender with USB port. With up to 300 megabits per second transmission rates and a 180-degree rotational antenna, you benefit from powerful connections from the word go.

RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater Features

  • WPS button for simple wireless security
  • No extra ISP fees necessary
  • Made from high-quality, durable materials
  • Dual built-in 3D antennas for a superior connection and improved coverage
  • USB-A travel cap included for preventing dust and debris build-up
  • LED indicator for power and signal strength
  • Bi-directional rotating antenna for optimizing signal strength

What is RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater?

The RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater has two built-in antennas, a rotating antenna, and a compact design. It's perfect for the whole family, no matter where you want to enjoy flawless WiFi connection.

Inside, you'll find a travel cap preventing connector damage and an instruction manual alongside the USB-powered wifi repeater — everything you need to set up your fuss-free, no-buffer wifi in minutes.

Customer Reviews

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RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater

You can't get a device more powerful than this portable wifi extender. The device works flawlessly with multiple devices, allowing everyone in your household to make the most of the compact RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater. Your whole family can now enjoy seamless, uninterrupted WiFi coverage without the need for expensive internet upgrades. No job is too big for this powerful USB wifi extender. 

RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater

Don't let its small stature fool you; the RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater is compatible with all kinds of devices and outlets. Whether you wish to plug it straight into your laptop, phone, or tablet, or you want to insert it into a nearby wall outlet, this portable wifi extender can do it without decreasing the signal strength.

RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater

The slim, lightweight RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater is the perfect size for traveling. Whether you're driving to your local cafe for a quick change of scenery or jet setting to another country, you can benefit from A+ signal strength. Inside the box, you'll even find a USB-A travel cap that prevents the buildup of dust and debris for increased longevity. 

RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater
Easy to Use

The RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater plugs into all regular USB slots, letting you use it with anything from a regular outlet to your laptop. No matter where you are, just plug it into a spare slot and experience the remarkable wifi offered by this RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater.

RangeXTD USB Wifi Repeater: The Dead Zone Destroyer

The portable RangeXTD USB wifi extender terminates patchy signals with 300 megabits/second transmission rates and a 180° rotational antenna.

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