Hajimari by Tesimai Flying Orb Ball

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Get endless hours of fun with your family and friends with the Hajimari by Tesimai Flying Orb Ball. Just turn it on, shake it, and get ready to play!

This “boomerang ball” magically floats, ready for you to throw, catch, kick, or control with the Hajimari Wand! You can even invent your own games with one – or more – of these flying orb balls!

The Hajimari by Tesimai Flying Orb Ball also features dynamic LED lights that give it a hi-tech glow. Just watching it float in the air can turn a boring evening into an enchanting, magical night to remember.


  • RGB LED light strip illuminates when switched on
  • Metallic blue color
  • Rechargeable via micro USB port
  • Charging time: 25 minutes
  • Play time: 9-10 minutes
  • Compatible with the Hajimari by Tesimai Wand

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The Glowing, Flying Orb Ball Everyone’s Talking About

Meet Hajimari by Tesimai Flying Orb Ball: the trendy “boomerang ball” that lets you have endless fun with your family and friends!  

High-tech outdoor fun that’s more enjoyable than sitting with your phone all day 

Amazingly easy to use – just turn it on and shake it up to start the party! 

Safe and durable for everyone to play with – even kids! 

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Fun Without Limits

The Hajimari by Tesimai flying orb ball brings together the simplicity of a ball with all the high-tech features available today, like awesome glowing lights, fast charging, and the ability to FLY! Toss this flying orb ball in the air and get everyone in on the fun. Turn the simplest games into rainbow-colored fun, or invent your own tournaments with one or more of these magical orbs. 

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Get the Ball Rollin’ With Hajimari by Tesimai

Easy to Use
Simply charge your Hajimari by Tesimai flying orb ball using the included micro USB cable. Then, turn it on, shake it up, and toss it around! 

Helps You Stay Active 
Why sit and stare at a screen all day when you could be playing with your cool new toy? 

Encourages Creativity 
Come up with your own games, or use the flying orbs as fancy floating decor! 

Safe and Durable 
Won’t break when dropped; suitable even for kids

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